RIA Money Transfer
Money transfer at the best daily rate

RIA money transfer to these countries

  • The money transfer is possible to many countries. Kosovo, Dominican Republic, Basil, Venezuela, Turkey, Philippines, Portugal, Thailand, Senegal, Afganistan.

Transfer money home with RIA

  • You can transfer money abroad with us: in cash or from your bank account.
  • In the destination country, the money can be collected directly at an RIA collection point.

Come by

Handeys is active for the money transfer at different locations for you: From there we will make your RIA transfer - at the best daily rate.

  • Baden: Bahnhofplatz 1, 5400 Baden
  • Zurich: Badenerstrasse 280, 8004 Zürich
  • Kreuzlingen: Löwenstrasse 2, 8280 Kreuzlingen
Tabelle Ria ProvisionInstant transfer and low commissions.

Favorable conditions

  • We offer RIA transactions at the most favorable conditions.
  • RIA has expanded its global reach in recent years.
  • Currently, over 397,000 locations are available for physical cash transfers and collections.

Track transfer online

  • You can track your transfer online.
  • When it is delivered, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Advantages of RIA

Advantages of RIA
  • RIA moneytransfer has an extensive network. Through Handeys Finanzen, you can choose from a variety of global locations, such as Zurich, Kreuzlingen or Baden, to initiate a money transfer.
  • Examples: money transfer to countries such as Turkey, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Kosovo, Philippines, Portugal, Basil, Thailand, Senegal, Afganistan.
  • Over 397,000 locations are available for physical cash transfers.
  • Money transfers are fast and can often be retrieved the same day if you pay cash or by card.
  • In addition to banks and cash, RIA can also deliver the money directly through a home delivery service, such as in the Philippines or the Dominican Republic.

Disadvantages of RIA

Disadvantages of RIA
  • For money transfers to destinations such as Djibouti or Egypt via credit card, up to 35 Euro per transfer will be charged. A transfer to Canada of $1000 may incur $80 fees.
  • RIA online rates may differ from agent rates. In the online price calculator, RIA has placed a disclaimer stating that exchange rates and fees may vary.
  • Online platforms are not available in all countries. With Switzerland and the location Zurich we offer a location.
  • The maximum transfer amount of the online platform is $2,999 per transfer. As a client, you can increase this limit by submitting further identification to a Ria Agent location.

Exchange rates

Exchange rates
  • We are your local service provider: You can come by our office and arrange the money transfer. We always offer you the best day course.
  • The exchange rate varies according to the currency pairs involved. Absolutely competitive is the range between 0.5% and 1.2% compared to other providers.
  • If you choose an online platform, use the price calculator to determine the exchange rate margin.
  • Ria's exchange rates are not as competitive as other dedicated remittance providers. But end customers receive a comfortable, simple and fast service.