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Car, leisure, hobby

Car, leisure, hobby

Finance your plans Enjoy your leisure time and hobby - if you are short of money, our credit experts are there for you.



You are self-employed and are planning an investment or need money for your own needs.

Renovation or house purchase

Renovation or house purchase

We can also support you with a private loan for renovations or a house purchase.

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Fill out the credit application in 2 minutes.
Free of charge and without obligation.
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Efficient application process

Efficient application process

Submit the application online. After a few days you will receive the money free of charge.

Low priced offer

Low priced offer

First we need some basic information about you. Then you will receive the appropriate offer.

Interest from 3.9% p.a.

Interest from 3.9% p.a.

Interest from 3.9% is possible with fixed monthly installments. There are no costs for early repayment of the loan.

We find for you
The right solution

What do you need a loan for?

We help you to make larger financial investments, so that you can easily realize your long-awaited plans. Tailored to your needs, the team at Handeys Finanzen will find the most favorable solution for you. We compare Swiss personal loans and select only the best for you.

  • You want to buy a new car.
  • A house purchase or renovation is pending, it needs new furniture.
  • Education or further training is important, but the money for it is missing.
  • Your savings are not enough for future plans.
  • The start into self-employment should be financed (compare the SME leasing offers).
  • Unplanned payments are pending, for example for taxes.

Submit a credit application

You can get our private loans at favorable conditions. We do not work with hidden fees and there are no special costs in case of early repayment of the loan.

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Fill out credit application in 2 minutes.
Free of charge and without obligation.
Feedback after 1 day.

With us you will go new ways.
And you can count on favorable interest rates.

Darlehen erklärt – Geld und LaufzeitHandeys financial consultant Busra Basatik.

Loan explained simply

  • According to the law of obligations, a contract between lender and borrower is hidden behind the financing model. .
  • Over a clearly defined period of time, the donor gives the borrower a fixed amount of money.
  • The borrower is in turn obliged to repay the respective amount to the lender after the expiry of the period. Interest is usually charged on this amount. .

You can obtain a loan from Handeysyincluding advice and risk assessment.

Things to know about the loan

Our expertise is your profit

As a reliable financial advisor, we have exclusive industry contacts - an advantage that we are happy to pass on to you. In this way, our loan brokerage is characterized by the following unique selling points:

  • No capital costs such as usual at banks
  • Fast and uncomplicated processing
  • Fixed financing costs
  • Fair affordable installments
  • Effective annual interest rate from 3.9 percent

Within the scope of financing your favorable loan work will not be with hidden fees.

We grant loan amounts from 1000 up to 1 million Swiss francs. In addition, there are no special charges in the event of early repayment of your loan.

Your way to your own loan

Your credit application at Handeys costs nothing. While you have a long processing time with common credit providers, with Handeys Finanzen you will receive the loan in three steps:

  1. fill in the application
  2. check the application
  3. payout

After your application has been approved by the investors, you can sign the necessary contracts. Afterwards the money will be paid out to you.

Important information


Loan types

The most common forms of these loans on the market are:

  • Maturity loan: Also known as fixed or bullet loan, it is characterized by the fact that during the term of the loan, only interest is charged on the amount borrowed. The repayment is made in one sum at the end.
  • Redemption loan: Here the borrower repays the lender an amount that remains the same over the term (installment loan). In addition, interest payments are incurred, which become smaller and smaller over time.
  • Annuity loan: The repayment is made in constant installments during the term. These consist of interest and redemption portion. While the interest portion is initially higher at the beginning of repayment, this ratio is reversed during the term.

Looking for a first class loan, you no longer have to spend your free time browsing various websites or comparison portals. Instead, contact Handeys Finanzen and we will put you in touch with private or institutional investors.

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Fill out the credit application in 2 minutes.
Free of charge and without obligation.
Feedback after 1 day.

Composition of costs

In the search for a favorable loan, especially the effective interest rate is a decisive factor for us. After all, its amount determines the final total cost. In addition, a loan is in most cases still composed of the following elements:

  • bank charges
  • credit or debit interest
  • default charges
  • insurance premiums
  • possible remaining debt in case of early repayment

What are the differences to credit?

Roughly speaking, loans are a sub-form of the credit, although the two financing models hardly differ from each other in terms of their procedures.

The conceptual distinction is made specifically with regard to the respective term. While a loan is often a short-term financial injection, loans are usually long-term, e.g. with regard to construction financing.

Nevertheless there are also special car loans. Does a loan nevertheless fit better to your current life situation? Then we would also be happy to advise you on personal loanor car loan.