Public liability
Provision for damages

Schutz vor Sachschäden und Risiken Everyday operations need to be insured.

Company bosses work hard

  • Company bosses work hard, often invest a large part of their free time in their own company and, above all, bear a lot of responsibility.
  • They are not only liable for their employees, but also for the entire inventory and possible damages.
  • In order to be protected against risks of everyday business life that are difficult to assess, good insurance coverage is indispensable.
  • Owners of a service or production company thus provide for high claims for damages.

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Hedging incalculable risks
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We will help you find the right insurance that is tailored to your needs.
A business insurance should be supplemented with a professional liability insurance.

Impending risks

  • Outsiders often imagine the life of self-employed people or company owners to be exciting and uncomplicated. Many people equate being their own boss with unlimited freedom.
  • Work less, enjoy more vacation days and earn even more than the average employee. Independent ones lead obviously an unencumbered life. But a closer look reveals that the opposite is often the case - there are risks involved. .
  • There is no way around a business liability insurance. Do you also work independently and want to be well protected against incalculable surprises with regard to your financial security? Then use the comprehensive service of Handeys Finanzen.
  • We pass on our many years of experience and our relevant industry knowledge directly to you. So say goodbye to dubious public liability offers from the Internet and benefit from our personal contact.

Our services at a glance

We accompany you in your search for the ideal company liability insurance and find unbeatable offers that meet your needs and are tailored to your requirements.

Our service goes beyond the services of ordinary financial service providers.

  • We take over the company insurance comparison for you.
  • We will find the most favorable offer of all Swiss business liability providers for you.
  • Reduce the costs for your company when you take out a liability insurance with us.
  • You can also benefit from our free insurance check, in which we will thoroughly examine your current legal protection. .
  • Everything from a single source: Let us advise you on additional services such as professional liability or Life insurance advise.

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As an entrepreneur
Protect people and assets

Gewerbehaftpflichtversicherung VergleichAn insurance for your own business provides security.

Comparison of your public liability

  • As a company, you are the owner of land, buildings, halls, machines and plant. .
  • You are liable for all damages that may arise from this.
  • But how well are you insured? We make the insurance comparison and check your current coverage.
  • Submit your documents to us and we will compare them with current business insurances of the competition.
  • Then we will make you a better offer.

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Fact Check
Examples of liability cases

What are the characteristics of public liability?

Similar to the way you have a private liability insurance, it is the same with this type of insurance - but only on a company level. The size of your company is not important. The company liability insurance is recommended for small handicraft enterprises, SMEs as well as for large production and industrial companies.

Who is the insurance suitable for?

The insurance applies especially in cases where third parties make claims against your company. Thus, a public liability insurance protects you against risks in and around the company building, in case of production errors, in case of recall actions in case of defective products for which you might be liable.

Personal injury

Personal injury

Suppose it is winter and there is black ice on the forecourt of your company, which you could not remove in time. The company insurance covers the costs of accident consequences (e.g. pedestrians slipping).

Damage to property

Damage to property

Due to a defective filter in your production plant, dust escapes into the environment. The insurance covers the costs incurred and settles e.g. the damage with all affected neighbors.

Financial losses

Financial losses

As a company you have to recall one of your products. In such a case, the insurance company will bear the costs of the recall action as well as all the related expenses.

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What other services are included?

But above all, a company liability insurance policy protects you against invalid claims, compensates those affected and offers you legal protection in criminal or administrative proceedings.

In addition, corporate liability insurance protects you against the financial consequences of investment, operational, product or environmental risks. Special risks can be insured additionally:

  • loss of use
  • dismantling and installation costs
  • mixing damage

What is the amount of cover?

Most Swiss insurers guarantee you coverage for major damages in the amount of 5 to 10 million Swiss francs. Nevertheless, the price-performance ratio of a public liability insurance can vary greatly depending on the provider.

You should also check whether your contract is a single or double guarantee - meaning whether the sum insured can be paid to you once or twice a year. If you are still unsure whether an attractive insurance offer really delivers what it promises, contact Handeys Finanzen.

For you, we put various offers through their paces, show you possible pitfalls and provide you with a reasonably priced business liability insurance with a wide range of benefits!


Office space.

Production department.

Interesting facts about public liability

What are the costs of a public liability insurance?

The final premium always depends on the individual case. However, in order to be able to better estimate the insurance costs for your company in advance, you should consider the following factors:

  • annual turnover
  • company size
  • size of the selected contribution margin
  • area of activity of the company

For example, SMEs with fewer employees generally have a lower potential for damage than groups with a large workforce.

In addition, there are also sectors such as the chemical or heavy industry, where activities are carried out that generally pose serious risks to the health of the employees or the nearby operating environment. All these parameters have an impact on the cost of company insurance.

What you should consider when signing a contract

With a business liability insurance it is always worth taking a look at the small print. That way you can distinguish serious from unreliable providers. Therefore, always check offers with regard to the following aspects:

  • assumption of rental damages: This should be included in your offer. For example, rented buildings are protected against water or fire damage.
  • Protection abroad: If your company undertakes installation work in other countries, your public liability insurance should also cover personal injury or property damage there.
  • Guaranteed owner's risk: Are you thinking about expanding or modernizing your company? Then your insurer should also pay for damages in the course of a reconstruction.

We are your partner in every situation

But don't worry - with Handeys Finanzen on your side you don't have to be afraid of bad surprises when signing a contract. By our detailed comparison of different trade liability insurances, we guarantee you that you are always optimally covered in case of an emergency - without any double bottom.

Decide in favor of Handeys Finanzen and lead your company together with us carefree into the future. Secure unique offers at top conditions with our business liability settlement.

So you are always comprehensively prepared for all eventualities - not only in terms of business. Discover with us further service packages from the insurance sector as well as our helpful health insurance comparison. This way you are always well taken care of in your private life as well.

The public liability insurance also protects you from the financial consequences of investment, operational, product and environmental risks. Special risks such as loss of use, removal and installation costs, connection and mixing damage can be additionally insured. However, the so-called entrepreneurial risk, i.e. damage resulting from the non-fulfilment of entrepreneurial contracts, is excluded.

Are you at a loss?

Are you at a loss?

Do you feel left alone in the insurance jungle? It is really difficult to find cheap and suitable insurance policies.

We search for you

We search for you

In the unmanageable mass of offers we search for the optimal and at the same time best insurance for you.

Free analysis

Free analysis

The insurance check, in which we analyze your existing insurance situation, is free of charge.