Household contents insurance
Elementary protection for belongings

Versicherung bei EinbruchUnpleasant surprise: a burglary.

Good Insured

  • If the living room is under water or burglars take more than just the jewelry, a household insurance is a good solution.
  • The right insurance is decisive for damages which are not only materially burdening you. .
  • Household contents are insured at replacement value. Together with you, we will find the right insurance cover adapted to your life circumstances.

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Hedging incalculable risks
Insurance comparison

We will help you find the right insurance that is tailored to your needs.
Premiums vary depending on the benefit and the sum insured.

Examples of damage events

It is everyday scenarios like these that happen almost every day in Switzerland:

  • Families return after vacation and find that they have been the victims of a burglary during their absence.
  • The dryer at home overheats, catches fire and sets the apartment on fire or somewhere in the house a water pipe breaks unnoticed and the cellar is suddenly under water.
  • Storm gusts brew together and tear tiles off the roof, which then crash against window panes.

Household contents insurance is important

"Luckily this didn't happen to me", you might think while reading the claims. One of these scenarios can also affect you at any time and cause damage that is not only materially burdensome.

And whoever is affected can be severely burdened financially by high repair costs or a legal dispute. Fortunately, you can protect your private household from theft or external influences without much effort.

The magic word is: household insurance. We explain here why this is so important and how you can find a good and above all cheap household insurance with our support.

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Check scope of coverage
The best household insurance

Zum Neuwert versichert in der HausratversicherungA fire can destroy belongings.

What is included in the insurance?

The household insurance protects the value of all mobile objects (including cash and jewelry) that are part of your property. The scope of cover basically includes:

  • fire damage due to fire or lightning strike
  • water damage
  • burglary, vandalism and theft (usually also insured: ski, snowboard and bicycle)
  • glass breakage
  • hail and storm damage
  • elementary damage caused by flooding
  • damage caused by gross negligence

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Household contents insurance comparison

In the big world of insurance, household insurance is one of the most affordable models with comparatively attractive premiums. Nevertheless, there are also expensive and inexpensive offers, which differ strongly with regard to the scope of services.

It is important that the final insurance sum is not set too high or too low. Therefore, together with you, we will look for the best household contents insurance for you, adapted to your life circumstances. This way you will not throw everyday problems off track so quickly. How we do it? With our household insurance comparison.

We compare the conditions and premiums of all Swiss insurers and pick the best offer for you. So you and your family can feel safe again at home. We also offer you:

  • Numerous additional insurances and options - individually extendable
  • A first-class service package
  • Attractive discounts: loyalty discount, youth discount, owner discount, etc. .
  • A free consultation

Comprehensive all-round protection

TV, jewelry, hi-fi system, clothes, furniture - if you have ever calculated how much your furniture is worth, you were probably surprised by this high amount yourself. Only very few people are able to replace all this at once.

A flexible and good household insurance protects your belongings and thus offers security in everyday life. However, with regard to your pension plan, it is advantageous to check your personal belongings and their replacement value at regular intervals.

A household contents insurance is usually taken out at replacement value. With new larger purchases such as a television, a sofa or a refrigerator, it is important to adjust your insurance sum again and again. Thanks to additional insurance benefits, enjoy the reassuring feeling of comprehensive security:

We do the insurance check for you.
And you save premiums.

Are you at a loss?

Are you at a loss?

Do you feel left alone in the insurance jungle? It is really difficult to find cheap and suitable insurance policies.

We search for you

We search for you

In the unmanageable mass of offers we search for the optimal and at the same time best insurance for you.

Free analysis

Free analysis

The insurance check, in which we analyze your existing insurance situation, is free of charge.