Credit comparison
Secure and individual credit comparison

Overview of credit providers

We have an overview of all reputable credit providers in Switzerland: You will receive an overview of the loan amount, term and effective annual interest rate. With the comparison calculator it is possible for you to find the most suitable and cheapest loan.

Compare personal loans

The conditions vary depending on the provider. You can compare personal loans, corporate loans but also car loans. Serious and safe. Because we combine financial solutions with technical comfort. The online tool enables you to achieve efficient personal results.

1. Find credit

1. Find credit

Find the credit provider that suits you. Enter the desired values.

2. Application

2. Application

Apply for the credit. Fill out the form. In a few steps you have applied for the new credit.

3. Notification

3. Notification

We check the creditworthiness and you will receive attractive individual credit offers.

4. Credit documents

4. Credit documents

Fill in the credit documents and send them back. The payment can be made.

Examples of loans with different maturities

Examples of loans
with different maturities

Credit 8000 francs

  • Term: 36 months
  • Annual interest rate: 4.9%
  • Monthly installment:Fr. 239.05

Credit 20'000 francs

  • Term: 48 months
  • Annual interest rate: 4.9%
  • Monthly installment:Fr. 458.70

Credit 50'000 francs

  • Term: 36 months
  • Annual interest rate: 4.9%
  • Monthly installment:Fr. 1493.90

Legal basis and risks

Credit check

  • We make sure that the credit is acceptable for the customer and we seriously check incoming credit applications. The granting of consumer credit is strictly regulated in the Federal Consumer Credit Act (KKG) .
  • The purpose of the law is to protect the borrower from possible overindebtedness.

Dependent on income

  • Consumer credit can cause financial difficulties if income suddenly drops. A prior creditworthiness check cannot prevent this in individual cases.
  • Unforeseeable events can be prevented with credit insurance. We will inform you about the possibilities.

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FAQ - the most important questions
and answers

Is it useful to compare credit offers?

Yes. It is clear that interest and fees are different. Providers regularly adjust their conditions, including changes in the term and amount of the loan. With the credit comparison you automatically have the latest conditions of the providers at a glance and can select the best or most favorable offer.

Does the comparison cost anything?

No. If you fill out the form and send it off, there are no costs or fees. You will receive a comparison of practically all banks and credit institutions in Switzerland and thus the appropriate credit offer.

What information do I need to provide for the credit comparison?

You can enter the loan amount directly in the calculator. The same applies to the term. You can also call us and we will advise you personally. The following information is necessary:

  • Credit amount you need
  • Credit period (duration of the credit)
  • First name, surname, birthday
  • Mationality, marital status
  • Professional situation (employed, self-employed, etc.))
  • Monthly net income
  • Address/telephone number

Prevent financial bottleneck

Consumer credits can lead to financial problems. Namely when the income situation of the borrower changes. If loan instalments can no longer be paid off, a financial bottleneck threatens.

This case can also occur after an initially successful credit check. This must also be taken into account for loans. Therefore, the granting of credit is prohibited if it leads to overindebtedness (Art 3 UWG).

What documents do I have to submit?

  1. We need a copy of your identity card, passport or foreigner's identity card.
  2. Send us the last three pay slips.
  3. In case of loan repayment: A copy of the loan agreement.

What interest rates does Handeys Finanzen offer?

You receive interest rates from 4.4% to 9.9%. We can grant low interest rates if the creditworthiness is good, if you are Swiss as borrower or foreigners with B or C identification. A permanent position is also important as well as no debt collection in recent years.

What if I become ill or unemployed?

Depending on the provider, the regulation is different. With most providers, you have the option of taking out payment protection insurance (in case of unemployment or illness). Should you nevertheless get into financial difficulties, a debt rescheduling can be the solution.

How long does it take until payment is made?

The selected credit institution will send you the offer if the credit decision is positive. The offer must be signed and returned with the necessary documents. After the statutory waiting period of 14 days, you will receive the amount paid out - in cash at a bank branch or into the account.

Does the credit check cost anything?

No. The creditworthiness check is free of charge for you, but importantly: We can prevent people who are already in debt or on low incomes from taking out a loan and getting themselves into financial distress. Further FAQ points about granting loans.

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Credit facilities

Personal loan from 4,9%

Personal loan from 4,9%

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Corporate Credit

Corporate Credit

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Your creditworthiness is not affected

ZEK Review

In Switzerland, it is the banks that check the creditworthiness of the applicant before granting a loan. They do this at the so-called Central Office for Credit Information (ZEK). This office stores information on creditworthiness. This includes current loans, leasing and credit cards.

Negative Scoring

If at any time you have had open receivables or payment defaults, this can have a negative impact on your credit scoring. A credit allocation can fail because of this. Banks and credit brokers report a credit inquiry to the ZEK. Even if an applicant only asks for the conditions.


A negative scoring by credit comparisons can be prevented. With credit applications over Handeys Finanzen the ZEK of the applicant is also informed. The condition inquiry is however ZEK-neutral. Thus there are no negative effects on the credit scoring and the creditworthiness of the applicant.

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