New apartment
How to save the rent deposit

Take out a rental deposit guarantee with us.
Your moving budget will thank you for it.

Moving planned?

Moving planned?

  • Have you found a new apartment?
  • Is a rent deposit in the amount of several monthly rents due?
  • Contact us - we will tell you how you can rent without paying a deposit.
Or already moved?

Or already moved?

  • Even if the rent deposit is already paid and blocked, there is a solution.
  • We help you to dissolve the rent deposit with a guarantee.
  • You will have your money back quickly.
The Solution

The Solution

  • The solution is a rent deposit guarantee.
  • Put simply, you pay an annual premium of around 94 francs. And save the deposit in return.
  • Money you would rather spend on furniture.

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The rent deposit guarantee

With the rent deposit guarantee, the payment of the deposit is not required. As a tenant you pay an annual premium. In return, your landlord will receive a certificate of surety, which secures the required rent deposit. As with the conventional rent deposit, the agreement of the tenant and the landlord is required.

Saving money

The money saved can be used for new furniture or the transport and cleaning costs. However, the landlord can also refuse the rent deposit and demand a normal bank deposit. If there is any damage, the insurance company will pay the landlord and the tenant has to pay back the amount.