Legal protection insurance
So that you are right

Legal protection in many situations

You come out of the blue: legal problems with your landlord, the neighbor, the person who has an accident, the carpet dealer. Handeys accompanies you through the confusion of legal protection insurances.

Defense and cost absorption

If you choose a combined private and traffic legal protection insurance, you are protected on the one hand in case of a legal dispute in traffic. On the other hand, you are also protected in everyday life. Your advantages are as follows:

  • Complete private and traffic legal protection
  • defense and cost absorption
  • Support and advice from legal experts
  • Use of model contracts and templates
  • Consumer-friendly contracts

Paid lawyer

When an everyday dispute turns into a legal case, it can cost you dearly. If you need a lawyer who will stand up for you and fight for your rights, it makes sense to have legal protection insurance.

  • A motorist denies you legal precedence.
  • The landlord refuses to repair the defective refrigerator.
  • Your employer does not compensate you for overtime worked.

We advise you comprehensively

  • Unfortunately, being right does not necessarily mean that you are also right.
  • We advise you on the choice of the right legal protection insurance.
  • In this way you and your family have a solid legal basis in case of disputes in private life.

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Are you at a loss?

Are you at a loss?

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