Life insurance
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Todesfall LebensversicherungCombining protection for surviving dependants and retirement provision.

It is one of the most common types of insurance and enjoys great popularity in Switzerland: life insurance. There are many reasons to take out a policy early:

  1. Retirement provision: Don't just live in the present, but also think about tomorrow. With a life insurance policy you can plan your retirement without financial difficulties. .
  2. Survivor protection: Provide for the livelihood of your family - for the time when you are no longer around.
  3. Investment: With a diversified portfolio for capital accumulation, you can generate both short and long-term returns - the amount depends on your willingness to take risks.

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Insurance comparison
Term life insurance

We can advise you if you want to find out about the various forms of life insurance in Switzerland.
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What is a life insurance?

This is a purely individual insurance policy that covers various biometric risks in the life of the policyholder - including death or disability, for example. However, you can also form capital with a life insurance policy or with a mortgage insurance.

As different as the requirements for an insurance are, as big is the choice on the market. Most Swiss people only associate this type of insurance with term or endowment insurance as well as a private pension plan. But there is much more behind the term:

  • occupational disability insurance
  • dowry insurance
  • death benefit insurance
  • education insurance
  • etc.

Every life insurance policy can be individually tailored to your needs. We will be happy to help you find out what you need. Depending on which insurance case you want to cover, we will put together an appropriate offer for you.

For whom is it worth taking out a life insurance policy?

First of all, it is useful for anyone who wants to provide financial security for his family in the event of his own death or for himself in old age. As well as for those who are looking for a long-term capital investment. However, we particularly recommend it to the following population groups:

  • young families with children / single parents / cohabiting couples: A death itself is already hard enough for the survivors. However, if the source of income is also lost, this can lead to a financial emergency. With a life insurance you ensure that your family does not have to struggle with additional financial hardships after your death.
  • Homeowners / borrowers: You have decided to build a house or buy a condominium? Life insurance is especially important if you are financing your dream of owning your own home with a credit or a mortgage. If you die before you have paid off all your debts, your family can do so with the insurance money.
  • Self-employed: If you are self-employed, you are not entitled to benefits from the pension fund. You must therefore start building up your pension provision at an early stage.

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What other advantages
has a life insurance?

  • Tax advantages
  • Pension provision
  • Interest rates
  • Savings potential
  • Possible profit participation
  • Repurchase possible
  • Not attachable
  • Risk protection
  • Capital investment
Vorsorge und Kapital im AlterReturns in the descent: Secure yourself in good time.

Pension benefits not sufficient

There is another reason why a life insurance policy is a worthwhile investment for all Swiss people: Unfortunately, it looks as if pension benefits will not be sufficient in the long term to guarantee your standard of living in old age.

Both the income from the AHV and from the pension fund is steadily decreasing. Corresponding precautions as private old-age provision are therefore indispensable.

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Insure and save
You have these options

Familien und LebensversicherungYoung family: The right choice of life insurance.

If you decide to take out a life insurance policy, you have the choice between the following types:

  1. term life insurance
  2. endowment life insurance
  3. mixed life insurance

We recommend a consultation with our experts before you decide on a pension plan. Every one of our clients has different insurance requirements.

Therefore we cannot give you a general recommendation. Together we will find out which model suits your needs.

Term life insurance

As usual with a risk insurance, make provisions for the case of emergency. If this does not occur within the agreed term, neither you nor your surviving dependants or business partners will receive the agreed sum insured.

What options do you have?

  • death insurance:

This model is designed to provide financial support for your surviving dependants after your death. The beneficiaries are then paid the contractually agreed amount. The death insurance is often used to secure a mortgage. In this case, the sum insured decreases constantly with each mortgage rate paid.

  • Disability insurance:

Many Swiss people choose to add this component to their pure term life insurance. If you are unable to pursue a professional activity due to illness or accident, you will receive a monthly pension. Please note, however, that payment is only made until the end of the term.

With a term life insurance you also have the advantage that it is tax-exempt during the term of the contract. This is because the insurance has no surrender value during this period. However, in the event of a payout, the amount is subject to tax.

Capital-forming life insurance

Unlike term life insurance, pure endowment insurance is not tied to cases of death or illness. Instead, you define a term before the contract is concluded. Once this term has ended, the benefit is paid out to the beneficiary you have specified. Usually you are this person.

An endowment life insurance policy consists of the following parts:

  • sum insured
  • surplus participation
  • bonuses and premiums
  • guaranteed interest rate

If you decide on this model, you should know that your paid-in capital will be used. Ideally, the insurer will make a profit, which will be paid out to you at the end of the term. Therefore nobody can guarantee you a fixed amount. Because this depends on factors like the financial market.

Nevertheless, you have extremely attractive return opportunities in any market environment - but these are linked to your willingness to take risks. For example, if you are looking for security, a product with lower returns is recommended. On the other hand, the chance of loss is also significantly lower. If, on the other hand, you are prepared to accept higher losses, we advise you to take out insurance with higher returns. During the consultation, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various options to you in detail.

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Mixed life insurance

With this model you get a combination of security and capital accumulation:

  • risk protection in the event of your death or disability
  • pension provision
  • tax advantages
  • various investment options

With the mixed life insurance, you have various options available to you. For example, you can choose between a constant and an increasing death cover. Especially the last option makes sense if you want an individual adjustment, which you can change according to your life situation. Death cover always remains in place, but you have the option of adjusting the level of premiums or contributions.

A mixed life insurance also gives you a high degree of flexibility. You yourself decide on the duration of the contract, the choice of beneficiary and the amount of capital. Immediate payment of the benefit is guaranteed - whether in the event of death or survival. Benefit from the tax advantages and the fact that you can also borrow against the insurance if necessary.

Unit-linked life insurance

We will be happy to advise you on various niche products. With a unit-linked life insurance, you combine guaranteed risk protection with a securities savings process. Based on your risk profile, we put together a selection of investment options for you so that we can achieve the highest possible returns for you.

Your money is invested in investment funds. Throughout the entire term, we jointly keep an eye on the current financial market. You can express your wishes at any time and let us readjust your investment possibilities. You are involved in the entire process.

Please note that the savings portion of the premium is invested directly in securities:

  • First the acquisition and administration costs are deducted from the premiums.
  • Also the premiums for insurance cover.
  • The so-called savings portion goes into a fund, which you as an insured person can choose from various offers.

After expiration of the insurance in old age or in case of a surrender and premature termination, the insurance pays out the current market value of the fund shares.

The three pillars
the retirement provision

If you do not want to give up your accustomed standard of living after retirement, you must make financial provisions. .

Because the state pension benefits are getting smaller and smaller and private savings are becoming all the more important.

Around 60 percent of your pension is borne by the first two pillars of Swiss old-age provision: the pension fund and the old-age and survivors' insurance. As you can see, this creates a gap of 40 percent. The sooner you start to fill this gap with the third pillar (private pension provision), the more secure your retirement will be. You should therefore cover your additional needs with either pillar 3a or 3b. We can also advise you on the investment of funds as a form of retirement planning.

Of course we will also advise you in this point. However, in order to do so, we need to find answers to the following questions:

How much is your old-age and survivor's pension?

  • Are there any non-contributory years in which you were not employed?
  • What about the pension fund pension?
  • What financial goals do you want to achieve?
  • Are there inherited liabilities?

Pillar 3a


Pillar 3b

Purpose Pillar 3a insurance policies are earmarked for a specific purpose and are used exclusively for retirement provision. Withdrawal is usually only possible five years before retirement.   Pillar 3b insurance policies are unbound. You yourself decide on the purpose and scope of the life insurance. This makes it very individual and flexible.
Beneficiaries You must comply with the legal regulations regarding beneficiaries. Normally these are spouses, children or close relatives.   Both the pension payments and the beneficiaries are freely selectable.
Taxes Among other things, you benefit from the preferential interest rate and tax advantages.   The benefits are tax-free when paid out. Beyond that there are no tax benefits. The surrender values are regarded as assets within the contract period.
Other features There is no insurance cover.

Take advantage of the premium waiver in the event of disability.
  There is an insurance cover.

You can cancel the life insurance at any time.

We try to put together an individual life insurance policy for each customer.
Together with you, we decide whether a tied (pillar 3a) or an untyed (pillar 3b) variant is the right one for you.

Provide for old age.

High enough? pension fund return.

Private provision: Pillar 3a or 3b

Good to know before taking out insurance

Life insurance with or without health issues

As a rule, a health check is carried out before the contract is concluded. It is important that you answer the questions truthfully. At the latest in the event of a claim, every insurance company will check your details in detail.

If it then turns out that you have lied, you will not be paid any benefits in the worst case. The following points are of interest:

  • Smoker or non-smoker?
  • Balanced Body-Mass-Index (BMI)
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Injuries
  • Chronically occurring complaints

The higher the sum insured you choose, the more precisely every provider of a life insurance will take care of your health. There are also some models without testing, but there the benefits are much lower.

If you know that your health is not at its best, please let us know when you first contact us. In the course of a free consultation, we will check whether and which life insurance is suitable for you.

Can you cancel a life insurance policy?

As a rule, payment is only made when death or survival occurs. You can choose whether the amount is to be paid into the beneficiary's account as a single payment or as a monthly installment.

In principle, however, it is possible to terminate the term of your contract early. However, this is often associated with financial losses that you should not underestimate.

What to do if a financial emergency situation threatens because of the monthly contributions?

  • You can also stop payments for a considerable period of time.
  • Leave your insurance for the time being.
  • Another alternative is the sale. There are special secondary markets where you can lend or sell your life insurance policy.

If you wish to terminate your existing insurance policy prematurely, please contact us. We will be happy to find out what effect this procedure will have on your capital investment and whether you can expect financial cutbacks.

Insurance comparison free of charge with Handeys

The team of Handeys Finanzen is always at your disposal if you want to get free and non-binding advice on life insurance. We will explain the differences between the individual products, introduce you to various investment possibilities and details. In addition, we not only compare premiums and conditions for you, we also take a close look at the small print of potential contracts.

All our employees are expert financial advisors who care about your happiness. We will find the best and cheapest life insurance for you by comparing all possible products in Switzerland. This not only saves you time, but also money. You no longer have to work your way through the multitude of offers yourself - we will do that for you. .

We will tell you when you need a medical certificate for a life insurance policy, what the situation is like in the event of a divorce and

  • how you can protect your income even in old age.
  • We would also be happy to advise you on taxes and benefits.
  • We will prepare an overview for you with the essential facts and characteristics of the insurance. So you can get a first overview of the matter quickly and easily.

    We make the insurance comparison for you.
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    Are you at a loss?

    Are you at a loss?

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    We search for you

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    Free analysis

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