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With a new loan you can pay off the old one

  • Replacing a loan means: You take out a cheaper loan with us, despite a current loan, with which you pay off the old one immediately. .
  • The new loan is now cheaper thanks to a better interest rate - you save money.

You save money immediately

  • Our advice: Compare our conditions with those of other banks. In most cases it is worthwhile to replace existing personal loans or credit card payment agreements.
  • We take over open credits, credit card debts, leasing etc. You only pay our smaller installment.

Pay cheaper rates

Compare our conditions with those of other banks. And you will see: Replacing current personal loans or credit card payment agreements can save money. Your savings can increase again.

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New loan - new interest rate
How you can save

Early repayment fee

Often our team is asked by Handeys Finanzen whether it is really worthwhile to take out a personal loan. Of course, we cannot answer this question in general. But the fact is that in many cases it is unavoidable.

Especially if you want to fulfill your dream of owning your own home, need a new vehicle or you are trying to pay off existing debts. Even everyday conveniences are not always easy to finance with your own capital.

For these and many other reasons, it can make sense to take out a loan. Please note the Online credit comparison of mobile phones finances.

But what to do if you want to redeem it at a later date and repay it early?

  • Many banks do not like it when their customers consider redeeming or redeeming a loan.
  • They therefore threaten with an early repayment penalty. This is a kind of penalty payment.
  • The higher it is, the less profitable it may be for you to withdraw from your existing mortgage.

We at Handeys Finanzen will help you with the decision. With us you can replace your old and expensive loan with a new one. Compare our conditions with those of other banks. You will see, it is worth it!

Our services at a glance

Save money through cheaper rates: Did you take out a loan many years ago? Then you surely know the following problem: Many of our customers choose a long term loan because it promises more security in the long run. However, the agreed interest rate from back then is significantly higher than the rate offered today. In this case we recommend a debt rescheduling.

This means that you repay your current loan by transferring the previous contract to a new lender. We at Handeys Finanzen will thus take over open credits, credit card debts, etc. and you will pay off your previous debts immediately with a cheaper personal loan.

The following advantages result for you from the debt rescheduling:

  • lower interest rates
  • higher savings potential
  • lower administrative expenses
  • newly adjusted monthly installments

Of course you have the possibility to redeem your loan even partially or to combine the loan redemption with an increase. We would be happy to advise you on this topic. Simply contact our competent experts.

Credit card debt
can also be detached

1. Check Credit

1. Check Credit

Note your running costs. These include outstanding bills from credit card companies, car leasing and bank loans.

2. Ask Us

2. Ask Us

We can advise you on more favorable rates and flexible terms. Of course we will take your concerns into account.

3. Our Offer

3. Our Offer

Then we will make you an offer - without obligation and free of charge. Pay a credit with another instant credit.

Our recommendation: Before you redeem your loan, you should use the loan calculator of Handeys Finanzen in advance.
With this you can quickly and easily compare the conditions of a personal loan online.