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Exclusively for you:With our exclusive comparison tool, you can immediately find the cheapest health insurance company. So saving on premiums is uncomplicated and fast possible.

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Insurance comparison:We have been working with the largest health insurance companies for years and can therefore present you the best offer at 1 glance.

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basic insurance 2020/21:Save moneyby changing your health insurance company.
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We help you to exploit your savings potential and find the right insurance model.
Health insurance is there for children and elderly people in case of illness.

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  • Are you also looking for a low-cost health insurance that suits you and offers you many supplementary insurances?
  • Then we can help you with your personal health insurance comparison. Benefit from our years of experience and find together with us an inexpensive and customized insurance model.
  • From experience we know: The most expensive health insurance company does not always have to be the best.

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In Switzerland, there are dozens of different low-cost health insurance companies with a huge range of products in the supplementary insurance plans. As a private person, it is almost impossible to keep track here. However, it is precisely in such situations that we come into play as a reliable financial service provider with our health insurance comparison:

  • We compare Swiss health insurance companies as well as health insurances for you - also in the private sector - and suggest individual insurance models.
  • With our service we make sure that you are excellently insured.
  • We would like to prevent you from joining any health insurance company which in the worst case does not suit you at all.
  • We are always anxious to find the best offer for you with the help of our health insurance comparison.

In many cases, a health insurance company or health insurance comparison can pay off financially for you - the possible savings potential is at best more than 100 Swiss francs per month.

What does the change of basic insurance mean?

Basically, you can save premiums while maintaining the same performance. Our health insurance comparison will tell you how big your personal savings potential is. Afterwards you can obtain offers from different and cheaper providers with our help.

If an offer that suits you is available, we will put you in touch with the health insurance company of your choice and initiate the switch. This is usually quick and uncomplicated, because in the case of basic insurance, the insurers are obliged to accept you without restrictions.

Please note:

  • Cancellation of the basic insurance is always possible on January 1.
  • However, a notice period of one month applies.
  • In order for your cancellation to take effect in time, your letter must be received by your current insurer by November 30th at the latest.

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Doctor's consultation

Doctor's consultation

The basic insurance covers a wide range of benefits from consultation to surgery.

Examination & OP

Examination & OP

In Switzerland, there are medically advanced examination methods and surgical techniques.



Therapies and rehabilitation after surgery are also covered by the premiums of health insurance companies.

Are you expecting new blood?

Registration with the health insurance company before the birth can be worthwhile. On the one hand, you do not run the risk of missing the statutory registration period of three months after the birth - in the worst case this can be expensive, because hardly any insurance company will cover the medical costs of your offspring afterwards. .

On the other hand, you ensure that your child is entitled to health care services immediately after birth. In addition, your baby can get you a premium reduction. If you as a married couple were not previously entitled to this, many health insurance companies grant higher subsidies to insured persons with children. You can also find out more about this in our health insurance comparison.

Personal contact is important to us

  • We also maintain partnerships with leading Swiss health insurance companies. Thus we know niche products of small, largely unknown insurances.
  • If you are looking for a personal contact person who will look after you and regularly inform you about health insurance offers, you have come to the right place. Get to know the team of Handeys Finanzen!
  • Do you have any further questions? Simply contact us online. In this way we will help you not only with our health insurance comparison. You can also benefit from our free check-up for Insurances and get to know more of our products and services.

We make the health insurance comparison for you.
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Are you at a loss?

Are you at a loss?

Do you feel left alone in the insurance jungle? It is really difficult to find cheap and suitable insurance policies.

We search for you

We search for you

In the unmanageable mass of offers we search for the optimal and at the same time best insurance for you.

Free analysis

Free analysis

The insurance check, in which we analyze your existing insurance situation, is free of charge.