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Cetin Basatik

We help you to become self-employed

  • Handeys managing director Cetin Basatik and his team know how to set up a company: Whether sole proprietorship, GmbH or AG: We advise you from A to Z.
  • Proper preparation saves you trouble and delays. To get off to a good start, we will clarify the most important questions for you.

Financing regulated?

  • Has the financing been arranged or is there still some money missing? As a financial service provider and credit broker, we can clarify capital and financing issues in one go.
  • Inexpensive : We start up smart, inexpensive and unbureaucratic.
  • Fast : Establishing a company efficiently planned and tailored to your needs.
  • Well advised: We give you tips and take on important tasks to make the foundation as easy as possible.

Firmengründung leicht gemacht

Do you offer a service? Then personal performance and thus the time factor are in the foreground. Investments are only made to a limited extent. However, if you are active in trade or production, investments and thus possibly a company loan are important.

Business plan
With the business plan you show how you want to realize your business idea. The main content is the financial planning. This is the only way you can periodically assess where you stand with your company.

The amount of equity required is closely linked to the risk of the project. The equity can come from your own savings, family loans (Family and Friends), inheritance withdrawals or an advance withdrawal of retirement assets.

Legal form
Together with you, we define the legal form and thus the legal framework. The choice you make has personnel, financial, tax and legal consequences.

Siting & Infrastructure
Often times, the right location is also decisive for success and failure. Is customer proximity important? If you don't want to invest a lot in the infrastructure, you can rent a co-working space.

Niederlassung in der Schweiz geplant?

Are you abroad? Would you like to set up a branch in Switzerland? No problem. All citizens of the EU and the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) have a legal right to be admitted to the labor market.

  • A subsidiary is usually founded as a stock corporation or as a GmbH.
  • A branch is not a Swiss company as the foreign parent company is financially responsible. But Swiss law applies.

Liability issues, taxes and management

If you want to set up a company in Switzerland, our team of experts will analyze your requirements as a first step. We know from experience: In contrast to a subsidiary, a branch is easier to set up and does not require a minimum capital.

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SME loan for setting up a company
Low fees, good conditions

1. Find credit

1. Find credit

With our loan calculator you can determine your desired loan and apply for it in just a few steps.

2. Submit loan application

2. Submit loan application

After you have submitted the application, we will review and approve the interest rate, term and total interest costs.

3. Receive money

3. Receive money

If the check is successful, you will receive the money: We will pay it into your account after the statutory period has expired.

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