Premium membership
Benefit from special conditions

For the whole family

We welcome you to the Handeys family. For only 99 francs a year, your whole family will benefit from discounted offers. For example, we will fill out your tax return free of charge.

Only Fr. 99.- per year

Premium membership for the whole family
Savings contributions, special conditions, free tax return.
In addition to the offer: air ticket and travel vouchers.

We make you solvent againThe whole family saves money - become a member!

What does the Premium Membership include?

The Premium Membership of Handeys costs only Fr. 99.-- per year for the whole family (children up to 18 years). It brings you advantages with our entire offer.

Save on loans, taxes, finances

  • We fill out their tax return for free
  • You send money abroad with RIA for free (up to Fr. 500.--)
  • Free budget optimization at your home (insurance, finance, home)
  • Free credit check and free ZEK information
  • 1% cash back from the interest of your new loan

Save on insurance and vacations

  • 1st month premium of your new life insurance policy given
  • 75 francs per person when changing health insurance
  • Fr. 50.-- for new car insurance, household contents and legal protection
  • Fr. 10.-- air ticket vouchers per person and booking
  • Travel voucher Fr. 50.-- per person / booking (package tour)

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Busra Basatik of Handeys Finance.

Welcome to the Handeys family

  • We are happy to welcome you and look forward to a future together with you.
  • Membership is affordable - the whole family benefits from discounts and special conditions for one year.
  • For example, we fill out their tax return free of charge, grant discounts on insurance and favorable credits.
  • Therefore: Welcome already!
  • By the way: We are an officially certified financial services provider for over 20 years.