Personal loan
Your advantages, opportunities and risks

Achieve personal goals inexpensively.
Online private loan already for annual interest rate of 4.4%.

Car loan

Car loan

Leasing is not always the best solution Often a car loan comes cheaper. Check it yourself with our useful Kreditrechner - or ask us directly.

Home Ownership Loan

Home Ownership Loan

If the bank has rejected your loan application or a part is still missing to pay off the total costs, we offer you serious home loans for new or rebuilt homes.

Leisure and Hobby

Leisure and Hobby

Take time for yourself and invest your personal loan in activities that you enjoy - if you are short of money, our credit experts are there for you.

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Annual interest rates from 4.4%

  • If you like our offer, please send it back.
  • Benefit from annual interest rates from 4.9%
  • You have free access to the entire credit amount.

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Fill out credit application in 2 minutes.
Free of charge and without obligation.
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Personal loan: Opportunities

As a consiment you have the following chances with a personal loan:

  1. Effective annual interest rate from 4.4 percent
  2. Free disposal over your credit amount
  3. Fast processing of your request
  4. Free consultation
  5. Also Loans are possible.

The personal consultation is important. To date, more than 14,500 people have benefited from our credit offer. We inform you about the opportunities and risks. Contact us by phone or online or use our Loan Comparison

  • You have been longing for a new car?
  • Your house or apartment urgently needs a new coat of paint?
  • You want to relax on vacation without having to pay attention to your money all the time?

Weighing up risks

We make sure that the credit is acceptable for the customer and we check incoming credit applications seriously. The granting of consumer credit is strictly regulated by the Federal Law on Consumer Credit (KKG). The purpose of the law is to protect the borrower from possible overindebtedness.

Dependent on income

Consumer loans can lead to financial problems if the income situation changes after the credit check. An unexpected event such as divorce, job loss or illness can be responsible for this. Financial consequences can be prevented by credit insurance. Please also see our FAQ on granting credit.

The granting of credit is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness (Art 3 UWG). Information can also be found in the Federal Law against Unfair Competition.

Compare the credit providers
And find the best interest rate

Compare and save

The interest margin on personal loans in the market is often wide. This can be a disappointment for consumers. Especially if the effective interest rate is suddenly higher than expected after the credit check. Use our comparison calculator, which compares all major credit providers with each other.

Transparent overview

In contrast to other providers, we at Handeys Finanzen offer an overview and transparency. With our loan calculator, which compares different personal loan offers, you can find the best offer yourself. Our employees will help you with the Credit Repaymentof your existing contracts.

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Fill out the credit application in 2 minutes.
Free of charge and without obligation.
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The special features
a personal loan

Deduct from taxes

Remember: You can deduct the interest on the personal loan from your taxable income. And in this way you can save taxes. By the way: Would you like to repay your personal loan earlier, for example because your financial situation has improved? Early repayment is possible at any time and without additional costs.

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Better than leasing

In many cases a loan is more optimal for you than car leasing. For example with insurance coverage. By the way: If you already have a personal loan with another financial institution, we can often offer better conditions. Test the loan calculator or call us and benefit from the lower interest rate.

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Versatile use

Use the money for every imaginable private investment, from buying a house to a car to a hobby.

Fixed redemption schedule

Deferral of due payments is thus impossible. This prevents over-indebtedness during the repayment period.

Fixed interest rate

Your loan installments are not subject to fluctuations during the entire term, which gives you financial planning security.

Favorable interest rates

Compared to freely usable loans, you as a borrower can save with this financing model.

Things to know about the granting of credit

Worth knowing
around the granting of credit

Compare costs and durations

What costs will you incur?

For borrowers this is the most important question when signing a contract. However, it is not always possible to give a blanket answer. After all, individual factors such as the available equity capital or the term play an important role in determining the monthly instalments.

However, so that you can estimate in advance what costs will arise for you in the event of taking out a loan, we recommend our loan calculator:

  • Select your desired amount (1,000 to 250.00 Swiss francs)
  • Adjust the term to your requirements (12 to 120 months)
  • See at a glance how high your monthly installment and your total interest costs are
  • Benefit from favorable rates from 4.9 percent for personal loans.

A loan exchange can be worthwhile

With our handy calculator you can compare your current credit conditions and with our help you can secure better offers.

If you are no longer satisfied with your current contract and want to replace your expensive personal loan, you can also count on the support of Handeys Finanzen:

  • We will find the best offers in Switzerland for you. Our experts will put you in touch with your current lender, and we will arrange the change for you. In addition, we are always available to answer any questions you may have - whether you want to increase your loan or only partially repay it.

Debt restructuring planned?

The creditworthiness according to the Consumer Credit Act (KKG) must be there. A loan is only granted if the borrower can pay the installments from the non-garnishable part of the income.

Swiss credit banks also observe other criteria. If a debt rescheduling is planned and the existing loan is to be redeemed, the following must be taken into account when making an online credit application:

  • age (banks tend to be more cautious with younger people)
  • alimony (this is not always counted as income)
  • It is also worthwhile to enquire when increasing a loan: banks there often charge more expensive interest than for new contracts.
  • The intended purpose does not play a decisive role in our calculation of interest rates.

Consulting in one of our branches in Baden, Zurich or Kreuzlingen.

Further requirements and conditions

Further requirements
and conditions

Legal requirements

Minimum age 18
Maximum age 69 years
The loan must be paid off in full by the age of 70
Minimum income CHF 2'500.00 net
For IV pensioners CHF 3000
Ausweis Swiss passport or ID card
Residence permits B/C/L
Cross-border commuter card G
Employment and income conditions Permanent employees
AHV/IV pension (without supplementary benefits)
Debt collection / garnishments / loss certificates No open debt collection, garnishments or loss certificates may exist.
Taxes Liabilities are deductible from taxable assets and interest costs from taxable income.
Lending Lending is prohibited if it leads to overindebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).

Credit terms

Credit amounts CHF 1'000-250'000
Terms 6 - 120 months
Max. annual interest rate (including all credit costs) From 4.9 - 9.95%, depending on the individual offer of the credit bank
Brokerage Fees None
Management fees None
Required documents
- Copy of a valid identity document (Swiss passport, ID or residence permit)
- Copy of the current payroll (in case of hourly wage of the last three payrolls)
- For temporary employees we need 6 pay slips.
Waiting time until credit decision 24 hours
Legal withdrawal period 14 days (credits from CHF 80'000 can be paid out directly, the legal waiting period does not apply)
Payment methods Cash payment at the bank counter
Transfer to postal or bank account

Downloads and important links

Instructions for tax deduction
Deducting interest from personal loans.

Secure your liquidity
Financial planning for private individuals and companies.

Federal law on consumer credit
The legal provisions at a glance.

Important links

The creditworthiness check
Avoid over-indebtedness - you should remember this when taking out a loan.

The Ombudsman
An exemplary case on installment payments and creditworthiness.

You should bring these requirements with you

Privatkredit Konditionen und VoraussetzungenHandeys financial specialist Busra Basatik.

Does a personal loan fit perfectly to your current life situation? Find out what legal requirements you should meet so that our investors will respond positively to your request:

  • Minimum Age: We grant personal loans to working people between 18 and 64 years of age. .
  • Minimum Income: 2,500 Francs net or 3,000 Francs for IV pensioners.
  • Income Situation: Permanent or temporary employees, self-employed persons as well as AHV/IV pensioners (without supplementary benefits) can apply for a personal loan from us without any problems.

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