Negative ZEK register entries?
We clean up your credit data

Do you have negative entries?

Are you being denied a loan? Or a cell phone contract or lease? The reason is that you are recorded in credit rating databases as a bad payer. We are all listed in a so-called payment history. Negative entries can make our everyday life more difficult.

We clean up your credit rating

We can take care of your negative payment entries in the creditworthiness registers and delete them. All you have to do is give us the order to do so. This way you will get your freedom back and you will be able to conclude loans and payment contracts normally again.

We make you solvent again

Your freedom to pay returns

  • We delete your old paid debt collections.
  • We clean up your credit history in general.
  • We update your debt collection statement
  • In addition, we negotiate your payment terms (negative entries on old credits.
  • Result: Your credit rating data is positive again.

Negative credit history data disappears

Our team has a proven track record and knows all the ins and outs of the systems involved.

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Efficient credit cleanup
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Clean up creditworthiness data
Delete old debt collection, update debt collection statement.
Correct incorrect register entries.

Personal advice

Personal advice

Busra Basatik and the team at Handeys Finance can help you get rid of those old negative credit records. We have been a certified financial services provider for over 20 years and know how to go about it.

Why am I negative?

Why am I negative?

For example, if you do not pay your autolesing installments according to the contract, this may be considered as a bad payment record. You will be listed in the register, even though there may have been a misunderstanding.

Become capable of action

Become capable of action

If there are no more negative entries on your payment history, you regain your freedom and your ability to pay and act. Whether you have a company or are affected purely privately.

Negative ZEK register entries and creditworthiness data
can be deleted and corrected

FAQ - Fragen und Antworten

Retention obligation

Article 4 (2) of the Data Protection Act stipulates that data need not be deleted at the first request. Rather, they may remain stored as long as the so-called principle of proportionality permits.

Who keeps the data?

Entries with the Association for the Management of a Central Office for Credit Information (ZEK) are subject to a retention period. After this period expires, an entry is automatically deleted from the ZEK database in each case. We make every effort to request early deletion of data. Especially if it is a false entry or an incorrect entry.

Who is the ZEK?

Behind the abbreviation "ZEK" is the Central Office for Credit Information. It is the Swiss evidence center for creditworthiness information from credit transactions of natural and legal persons. Its task is to register positive and negative reports on prospective credit, leasing and credit card customers. The ZEK also keeps records of obligations and creditworthiness of borrowers, lessees, and cardholders.

What are credit reporting agencies?

There are also so-called credit agencies: they collect and process data on the payment behavior of companies and private individuals. And sell these to interested parties. In Switzerland, there are four credit reporting agencies: Bisnode, Creditreform, CRIF and Intrum.

Meaning of an entry

Consumers should comply with their consumer credit, leasing and card contracts in accordance with the contract. Our tip: Pay agreed credit or leasing installments on time. This will show up in credit databases and registers that you are a correct payer. This has positive Ausiwrkungen on your credit rating or creditworthiness.

How does my credit score come about?

Registers such as that of ZEK allow any interested institution or company to check our creditworthiness. Checking the past business behavior of potential customers and partners before entering into a new business relationship is common. One is warned of possible financial surprises (e.g. a sudden insolvency) in the. Creditworthiness is indicated by the credit score. Banks, landlords, car dealers, credit bureaus: any institution that lends money, rents real estate, enters into a lease agreement can query these registers. And thus estimate whether someone can get a corporate loan, for example.

How do I find out what data about me are stored in registries?

On the ZEK homepage, you can request a database excerpt under "Entries on my person" in the "Loan and lessee" section. However, we will also be happy to do this for you. This is a self-disclosure of any creditworthiness data stored about you. After receiving your order, ZEK will issue the database extract and send it by mail for data protection reasons.

Deletion of incorrect data

The correction of any incorrect entries is possible. We will help you to delete bad credit data. Ask us about it: We will explain the first steps to you on the phone.

How can I make a correction or delete credit rating data?

Do you have the feeling that negative debtor entries exist due to rejected credit applications? Or do you have a specific database extract showing that you are listed with a poor credit rating? We contact the company responsible for the entry and request a correction. In most cases, this is a member registered with ZEK. This member can review our or your request based on the files available. We will work to ensure that if a request for correction is warranted, it will be made quickly and without delay.

Erroneous credit information

Consumer organizations have been complaining for years that incorrect entries repeatedly make life difficult for people. For example, there are cases in which entire families are listed with poor credit ratings because of outstanding bills of a family member. Credit bureaus have been issuing such dubious information for years: Bisnode, Creditreform, CRIF and Intrum. We will help you to correct such credit rating information.

Set your credit rating
into our hands

Credit reportHandeys General Manager Cetin Basatik.

We are here for you

  • We have been an officially certified financial service provider for over 20 years and know how to proceed.
  • It happens again and again that previous debt collection or payment delays are misinterpreted.
  • The creditworthiness registers often keep such misleading data for years, without the affected persons can defend themselves.
  • The Handeys team has many years of experience and a good track record in this area.
  • We help you to delete negative data. In this way, we ensure that the entries are accurate, representative and correspond to your current situation.