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5 at one stroke

5 at one stroke

What is the most favorable mortgage? We will find it out for you free of charge and present you with 5 market-driven offers from various banks and mortgage lenders.

What it needs

What it needs

All we need from you are some important information. For example, the desired term, the cost of the property and a valid identification.

The Handeys Team

The Handeys Team

All information about the procedure can be obtained from our mortgage specialists. The 5 offers are a free service from Handeys.

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Building loan: compare conditions
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Hauskauf HypothekarzinsenAfter buying a house, the buyer expects mortgage interest.

What is a mortgage anyway?

  • Basically, it is a real estate lien with which a plot of land or real estate is encumbered in order to guarantee the loan collateral for a loan or any other financial claim.
  • In the broadest sense, a mortgage serves as security - primarily for banks and credit institutions - in the course of guaranteeing and providing financial resources.

Worth knowing around the house financing

Compare conditions and plan investment

You want to build a house or buy an apartment? Then you usually cannot avoid a mortgage in the context of your construction or real estate financing. Taking out this long-term construction loan is not always an easy step for many future property owners.

In order not to get into financial difficulties, a lot of advance planning is necessary. After all, mortgages are paid off over years or even decades. Depending on the term, the repayment sum can be quite high in view of the interest rate.

For this reason it is worth comparing the conditions of different mortgage providers. Because for large sums of money, the decimal point can make a big difference.

What does the financing model consist of?

  • In order to calculate the total cost of a mortgage, you need to consider various items. The most important ones include:
  • advance payments to the lender
  • notary fees
  • mortgage interest
  • processing fees

Expert opinion costs for building value assessment The amount of your available equity capital and the fixed financing term of the mortgage ultimately determine the sum of the monthly repayment installment.

If you are also thinking about building a property, you can use our helpful online mortgage calculator to better assess your personal situation in advance.

Your advantages of the Handeys mortgage comparison

Together with us at your side, you can save a lot in the course of your home financing. We compare Swiss mortgages for you free of charge and in this way we always find the right offer for you. This way your mortgage adapts to your life - and not the other way around.

Profit from:

  • 5 tailor-made offers
  • Bonus offers
  • Flexible mortgage models

Rely on the competent team of Handeys Finanzen in your search for the right mortgage, get free advice and choose our experienced experts - so that your dream of owning your own home or additional residential property comes true.

But with our extensive undertakings you are not alone on your own. Handeys Finanzen helps you to compare mortgages and clarifies all your open questions - no matter whether for your primary residence, vacation home or company.