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A mishap happens quickly - the friend's cell phone falls to the ground. The high-spirited child destroys a window with the ball. Not always it remains however with a small damage to property, unfortunately sometimes also humans are hurt.

We give you comprehensive advice

We help you to find the right liability insurance that fits your needs. We advise you and make a check of the current insurance. Liability insurance is offered for families or individuals. It is used for tenants as well as owners. In the following cases:

  • Protection in case of mishap: Damage to rented property entrusted to you is insured.
  • Passive legal protection: If someone makes unjustified demands on you in the event of damage.
  • Tenant protection: Life in your rented apartment should be relaxed. If damages occur, the liability insurance is there for you.

In case of damage to property and personal injury

Liability insurances cover claims for damages in the event of property damage, personal injury and financial loss that you or co-insured persons unintentionally cause to third parties.

  • personal injury
  • property damage
  • financial losses
  • tenant damage
  • Public liabilityfor companies

Mandatory in traffic

The liability insurance is legally required and regulated in the road traffic law. It covers damage that you cause to others with your vehicle (damage to persons and property, but also loss of earnings as a result of this damage).

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Are you at a loss?

Are you at a loss?

Do you feel left alone in the insurance jungle? It is really difficult to find cheap and suitable insurance policies.

We search for you

We search for you

In the unmanageable mass of offers we search for the optimal and at the same time best insurance for you.

Free analysis

Free analysis

The insurance check, in which we analyze your existing insurance situation, is free of charge.