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Auto Kredit NeukaufBuying a new car without complications.

Leasing was yesterday

  • Leasing was yesterday: With a car loan from Handeys you drive more flexible, better and cheaper.
  • And above all more efficient: The credit application is uncomplicated and free of charge.
  • Feedback within one day.
  • The Handeys team looks after you personally.
  • No hidden fees or special costs.
  • Annual interest from 4.4 %.

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Credit for a car

Credit for a car

Whether new, used or dream car: You can obtain attractive car loans from 5000 to 120 000 Swiss francs.

Better than leasing

Better than leasing

Attractive: Save money compared to leasing The processing is efficient and uncomplicated.

Apply online

Apply online

Apply today - fair support: You will receive feedback from us at short notice. So nothing stands in the way of buying a car.

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Fill out the credit application in 2 minutes.
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Off to the fast lane
Advantageous interest rates when buying a car

What to do if the account does not leave room for large investments like a new or used car?
Are you currently in a similar situation and are you dependent on financial help when buying?

Credit for the new car

  • Take the children to school, do the weekly shopping or just go on a spontaneous vacation.
  • Without a drivable set of wheels, situations like these become little adventures that require a lot of improvisation.
  • However, it only becomes really problematic when the car gives up the ghost completely unexpectedly or becomes a total loss due to an accident.
  • Contact Handeys Finanzen: We make sure that you get back on the financial fast lane with a car loan. Even if you need a Company car leasing for your company. With the help of our comparison of Swiss car loans, we will always get the best conditions for you.
  • With us as your partner, you can get to your new car in just a few steps. Secure your personal offer and save money.

Why not lease?

For many people, everyday life without a car is probably hard to imagine. Leasing is probably the most common way to finance a car.

But compared to a car loan, it is not always the best choice - for the following reasons:

  • With leasing, you pay only a monthly fee for using the car. However, this does not make you the owner.
  • The lessee often has to pay for damages or defects during use.
  • Leasing conditions are often rigid, while car loans offer you a choice of many flexible financing models.
  • The dealer determines the residual value. If this is less than the calculated amount at the end, you are often forced to buy the vehicle.

Credit exclusively for the

Die Raten des Neuwagens hängen von Kreditsumme und der Laufzeit ab.New car: Are you financing it with a loan?

What are the characteristics of this type of credit?

  • A car loan is an earmarked Personal loan. This means that such a Loanwill be paid to you only for car financing. The repayment is made in the form of fixed monthly installments at an interest rate previously adjusted to the term.
  • On the other hand, another special feature of the car loan is that the vehicle acts as security for the respective lender. In order to be protected against payment defaults, for example, it is common practice for the lender to retain the vehicle registration document as collateral.

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Fill out credit application in 2 minutes.
Free of charge and without obligation.
Feedback after 1 day.

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How to benefit from a car loan

Secure advantages

  • When you take out a car loan, the amount of the individual interest rate is primarily based on your creditworthiness as a borrower.
  • Nevertheless, especially car loan providers are often very accommodating when it comes to setting the interest rate.
  • Postponement possible: With many lenders the first installment is only due after a few weeks after the loan has been paid out.
  • Secure yourself some advantages with our many years of industry expertise.

Down payment is worthwhile

  • Unscheduled repayments at no extra cost: If you pay back your car loan faster, there are no extra charges.
  • Attractive residual debt insurance: In the event of illness or death, family members are thus protected against non-payment.
  • Down payments are worthwhile: In addition to an increased final installment, this is another possibility to lower the interest rate.

We inform you in detail

  • Are you planning to buy a car soon? Then take advantage of the free advice from Handeys Finanzen.
  • Our uncomplicated credit calculator will give you an initial overview of the credit amount, monthly installment, annual interest rate and term of the loan.
  • Please note our FAQs about loans.
  • Information on risks can be found in the Federal Law on Consumer Credit