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Firmenwagen LeasingCompany car leasing: Attractive for business customers

Leasing the company car

  • We are at your disposal as an efficient and uncomplicated leasing partner.
  • Conserve your company capital and take advantage of our attractive company car leasing.
  • Stay competitive and profit from capital goods leasing.
  • Annual interest rates from 1.9%.

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Leasing offers for companies
Free of charge and without obligation.
Feedback after 1 day.

Suitable for you?

Suitable for you?

Car leasing is suitable for companies with a healthy financial basis who want to adjust their expenses to their earnings thanks to flexible leasing interest rates.

What are the advantages?

What are the advantages?

As a company you remain competitive because you do not tie up capital. The calculation basis is secure and constant. The leasing costs are 100% deductible.

Apply for leasing

Apply for leasing

It is best to ask us today - fair support is guaranteed: You will receive a response from us within 1 day. So nothing stands in the way of leasing your company car.

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Leasing offer for companies.
Free of charge and without obligation.
Feedback after 1 day.

From 1.9% - but which companies
should lease a vehicle?

What to do if the bank account does not allow new or used cars?
We have a good solution for you, which will enable you to buy a car soon.

Vehicle leasing from 1.9% upwards

Vehicle leasing for companies is suitable for a wide range of industries:

  • Service companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Transport companies
  • Construction companies
  • Agriculture
  • Passenger transport companies

Procedure of the company car leasing

After the first contact we initiate the necessary steps, conclude the leasing contract and trigger the payment:

1. Contact: we prepare a finance leasing offer. This is based on your planned investments.

2. Credit check: Together with you, we review all necessary documents. Subsequently, the credit assessment is carried out.

3. Conclusion of leasing contract: If the credit assessment is positive, we can send you the leasing contract. The financing is confirmed to the car supplier.

4. Delivery and start of contract: When you have confirmed the delivery of the vehicle in accordance with the contract, we will trigger the payment.

Handeys Finanzen
We arrange the car financing for you

Autoleasing UnternehmenBusra Basatik of Handeys Finanzen advises corporate clients.

Do you want to know more?

  • We have been a financial services provider operating throughout Switzerland for almost 20 years.
  • The Handeys financial specialists keep themselves constantly up to date and educate themselves further in all aspects of financing and credit issues.
  • Leasing and credit offers are our daily business.
  • Just give us a call: We can show you the best solutions and give you comprehensive advice.

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